My Philosophy

My's more than just documenting your life at that moment, it's a journal.

It's about creating a memory where you can look at an image and see your surroundings, breath in the scents, feel the emotions, smile because it wasn't just a person clicking a camera. It was an experience you'll never forget.

White Creek Ranch Photography wants to help you build a memory, to recall a story over and over again.

What to Expect

Whether you are considering White Creek Ranch Photography for your wedding or a smaller session, I want to hear from you! Email or phone, message or meet (I love meeting for coffee and visits!). This is the perfect time for me to find out what you need and want out of this experience. It's also a good time to discuss location and details and even what to wear. Pick your package and submit your retainer to hold your date.

Sessions are just over an hour and sunsets are usually the most popular time.

Online galleries are sent out and product decisions are made so orders can be processed as soon as possible!

I want you to enjoy your experience and see the finished product in your hands!

Facts & Questions

How many images do we see?

Approximately 60 images per hour of shooting…lots of times more than 60 because I love capturing the whole story which includes details! Also every image presented in the online gallery has been edited!

How do I know what to wear?

I’ll send you an email with a link to a few ideas when you book!

Can we bring props? How about pets?

Yes! Yes! 

How much does it cost?

You can find the details here. (link)

When is the best time to have our photos taken?

I love an hour before sunset and if you’re up to it…after sunrise!

Can we give you a shot list?

I prefer to capture things as they happen. That’s when the true artistry and emotion comes through. If you have a special request I am more than happy to help you with it though!

Do you like Pinterest?

I love it! But just a heads up, it’s only a guide. It’s a guide for ideas and it’s great for showing me what you are looking for in a shoot. No shot on Pinterest will ever be recreated exactly because we all know, there are tonnes of elements that create an image.

Will you share our images publicly?

It is written in the contract that images can be used for publicity but I do ask each client at the time of the shoot as I do want to respect each of you and your privacy. If I do forget to ask, please remind me!

Do you work alone?

I am so lucky to have my niece, Jordan, work with me at most weddings! She is not my daughter and not my sister…a question I often get asked!

How long until we get to see the online gallery?

My goal is two weeks for portraits and six weeks for weddings if everything goes smooth but busy season can sometimes make that a challenge!

Do you show sneak peeks?

Umm…sometimes but not always. If I don’t share an image, it doesn’t mean I’m not in love with the shoot. It often means I am trying to complete other work, I’m busy with family life, or I want to feature it at some time. I used to upload and edit images right after I got home from a shoot. This became a life of really late nights and made me too tired to function properly the next day!

Do you have gift certificates?

Yes! For sure! Please contact me at for more details.

Do you travel?

Yes! Anywhere! Again please contact me at for more details!