My Story

I’m not a fly on the wall…I love my job as a photographer so much, I share in the total experience. My eyes get a little damper during most speeches and I laugh and play with the kids. I cuddle the babies like they're my own, I smile at young love and experienced love. I adore the friendships and families at celebrations and how beautiful one can feel when they see the back of my camera for a little peak of what I’ve just captured. I often squeal with excitement and I truly laugh out loud (which is highly contagious). I don’t just capture people, I get to know them and try to capture who they are.

I didn’t always do photography. I was actually told by someone that you have four careers before you reach the career truly meant for you.

I studied Fashion Design at Lethbridge Community College and then earned my degree at Ryerson Polytechnic University where I

was lucky enough to take Fashion Photography. It was film back then and we did our own darkroom work. Such an amazing experience!

I then taught fashion in a couple of community colleges but wanted a change (career no.1). This is when I decided to start a style consulting business and from there a couple of alteration shops (career no.2 & no.3).

Then my babies started to arrive (career no.4)! We had two perfect twin boys and then 17 months later a beautiful girl. Needless to say, my life changed. I became the momma with the camera. Not so easy with new technology but I managed to learn how to run a manual digital camera.

And so it begins, my career as a photographer. The career truly meant for me.

I don’t run this business all on my own. I have a husband like no other, the perfect father who single parents many Saturdays of the year and never complains. I also have the most amazing assistant, Jordan.

Meet Jordan


I am so lucky to be able to work with my niece, Jordan. She is a perfect bundle of talent, joy, and friendship. She’s my assistant to most weddings and helps with any other jobs so I can keep close to my deadlines! We share so much laughter that I can’t imagine working alone. Her favorite thing about working with me??? Umm, I think it’s the meals at the weddings!

Favorites Things

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